PLEB Talks is the world’s only comedy think tank.

The platform for comedians to dispense their unconventional wisdom on life’s mightiest topics. Unlike TED Talks that are serious and useful, PLEB Talks are reckless, fuelled by comedy and intellectually… worth nothing.

Performed live and shared online with the world – this is chin-stroking, but not as you know it.

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The PLEB Lectern -photo by Angus Young

PLEB, the brainchild of Daniel Berg and Ben Target, started life in 2010 as a series of presentations from up-and-coming and established comedians – filmed in London UK and put on YouTube for the world to see. They received funding from Ideas Tap and soon spawned a series of filmed live nights: comedy lectures in unusual locations – schools, churches, auction halls and more. PLEB’s following soon reached critical mass through its sold out events and applause from the media: Time Out recommended; London is Funny Top Pick; and Londonist and Spoonfed Editor’s Choice to name but a few. Further live nights and a UK tour followed, disrupting festivals and establishing itself as a force of supreme ignorance.

The Next Step
PLEB is expanding, evolving and re-writing history… (in crayon) – be sure to join us on Facebook or Twitter to keep in the loop.

Concept: Daniel Berg & Ben Target
Writers: The performers
Editor: Christopher Poole
Graphic Design: Lee Watson
Graphic Design Development: Mikael Lindahl
Camera: Kenny Cavey, Christopher Poole, Madi Warwick
Stills Photography: Angus Young and Adam Roberts
Flyer Design: Adam Roberts Academic
Host: Nish Kumar
Technician: Luke Chaproniere
Site Coding: Ashok Kumar
Thanks To: Amy Annette, Ben Graham, Justin Zawyrucha, Karim Amijee, Aurélie Marion, Samantha Target, Robbie Ormrod, Mark Quinn, The Grand Union Kentish Town, Isabelle Adams and Nicholas Berry, as well as all the PLEB speakers, community and supporters who have helped make PLEB happen and grow into a useless, unwieldy beast of stupidity.

Apparently there is a serious version of PLEB somewhere on the internet, we are not associated with them – but we’re sure if we ever were to meet, we’d get along just fine.

Supported by:
Ideas Tap
What happens at PLEB Talks? 
Comedians spout their attempt at academia for between 2 and 10 minutes, presided over by Academic Host Nish Kumar and Fosters Best Newcomer Nominee Ben Target. Each themed event has a keynote speaker who’s allocated 20 minutes and the whole night lasts around 2 hours with a short break and some extra-curricular activities.

The events are themed, the locations are secret and the knowledge is utterly useless.

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