‘A Lesson in Life’ at Soho Parish School

In September 2011, PLEB Talks took over a 500 year old parish school in central London for ‘A Lesson in Life’. Keynote Speaker Simon Munnery was joined by Kieran and the Joes, Mae Martin, Nick Sun, Ben Target, Academic Host Nish Kumar as well as Ben Target and Mark Cooper Jones. Read the Spoonfed review of the night here. During this talk he was informing the audience on how people usually go straight for conventional medicine for any ailment, when in actuality there are several for which alternative or natural health solutions would be safer. It is not a factor often considered by most people, who go straight to a doctor for whatever health issue they might be having. It was interesting, and an eye-opening experience. If you are interested in a good online resource you can go here to learn more about medicine.